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       Don’t Miss Out On This        Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience!

S’mores, Bonfires, Homemade Treats, Flushing Toilets, Food Trucks, oh and a Total Eclipse of the Sun!

Reasons Why You Want To Join Us

Walking Trail

Explore the beauty of nature with our Walking Trail. Take a serene journey through picturesque landscapes which offers a peaceful escape to reconnect with the great outdoors.

GIT Food Truck

Savor the flavors of tradition with GIT FOOD. They bring a taste of authentic, home-style cooking right to you. Enjoy their burgers and signature lemonade for a delightful culinary experience that feels like a warm embrace from home.

Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Witness a rare celestial spectacle with the Total Eclipse of the Sun in 2024 for an awe-inspiring event. The eclipse brings a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the wonder and mystery of our universe in a truly unforgettable way.


Indulge in the timeless joy of making s’mores. This classic treat brings together friends and family around a warm fire. Create sweet memories under the stars and a enjoy a perfect ending to any outdoor gathering.

You Won’t Find A Better Experience

Jimmy Rolett (Saturday)

Enjoy the live music of Jimmy Rolett on Saturday evening.

Community Shop

Discover the taste of tradition with homemade, locally-sourced jams, jellies, bread, farm-fresh eggs, candies, crafts, and more. We offer a delightful showcase of artisanal skill and the richness of local products.

Leather Demo (leather products are available to purchase)

Experience the artistry of a Leather Demo, where skilled craftsmanship comes to life.
Witness the creation of fine leather goods and take advantage of the unique opportunity to purchase these bespoke products.

Games in the Hay Barn (Various games available inside our barn)

Step into a world of fun where a variety of games await inside our charming barn. Our barn offers endless entertainment and a unique twist on traditional barn gatherings.

Amenities you will enjoy

Flushable Toilets

Enjoy the convenience of home comforts in the great outdoors. A flushable toilet ensures a clean, hygienic, and odor-free experience for every guest.

Sunday Morning Church Services on the Farm

Experience spirituality with a bible-based Sunday morning church service. Services include acapella singing, prayer, bible readings and communion. Peaceful surroundings enhance your connection to faith, community, and the beauty of creation.

Bon Fire (Nightly)

Ignite the spirit of togetherness and warmth with a bonfire. Create unforgettable memories under the stars, filled with laughter, stories, and a cozy ambiance.

Hay Rides (Sunday evening)

Embrace the rustic charm of hayrides on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy a delightful journey through scenic landscapes with laughter, bonding, and a unique way to experience the beauty of the countryside.

Join Us

Ma & Pa’s Kettle Corn of Arkansas
Kettle Corn of all flavors! So Yummy!

RV Info

Our RV spots are all on a solid, level, shale driveway. Our farm is located 2 miles off the highway down 1 mile of a paved road and 1 mile of a well-maintained, gravel road. Electrical and Water hook ups are available. We apologize but there is NO dumpsite available.

Pet Info

Your well-behaved pet is welcome at Romance Solar Eclipse. Leashes are required at all times for your pet's safety and the comfort of all our guests. A pet waiver will be required for each pet.

Homemade Goodies


Homemade jelly and baked goods as well as hand made quilts and leather goods are available.

Let’s Get You Ready
For The Main Event.

Check out our shop for all the GOODIES!