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Rodgers' Farm & Eclipse Camping


About The Farm

Welcome to Romance Solar Eclipse Arkansas Campsites! Nestled in the serene landscapes of rural western White County, our family-owned farm, cherished for over 45 years, offers an ideal retreat for witnessing the 2024 solar eclipse. Just 50 miles north of Little Rock and 22 miles west of Searcy, our Romance, Arkansas eclipse camping ensures minimal light pollution, providing our guests with an uninterrupted celestial spectacle.

Spanning over 60 acres of pastoral beauty, Rodgers' Farm eclipse camping promises expansive, unobstructed views for an immersive solar eclipse experience. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life as you revel in the tranquility of our quiet and peaceful farm. Surrounded by nature at its finest, our campsite encourages a restful atmosphere, making it the perfect haven for eclipse enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable celestial adventure.

If you are looking for Arkansas eclipse camping, join us at Romance Solar Eclipse where the harmony of nature and the celestial wonders of the 2024 solar eclipse converge for a truly magical experience.



The Solar Eclipse

Prepare for an awe-inspiring cosmic event on April 8, 2024, at our Romance, Arkansas campsite! Join us as we witness the 2024 Solar Eclipse, an extraordinary celestial phenomenon with optimal viewing conditions far from the glow of city lights.  Eclipse camping at its best!

As the moon gracefully aligns with the sun, casting a mesmerizing shadow, our carefully selected location promises an unobstructed view of this rare celestial dance. In Romance, Arkansas, the eclipse will last an impressive 3 minutes and 39 seconds, providing an extended opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonder of the cosmos.

Curious about eclipses? They occur when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun, creating a captivating celestial alignment. During this event, observers can expect the gradual darkening of the sky as the moon partially or completely covers the sun, casting a temporary shadow on Earth.

Whether you’re a seasoned eclipse enthusiast or a first-time observer, our eclipse camping guarantees a front-row seat to this extraordinary phenomenon. Join us at our Romance, Arkansas campsite for an atmosphere filled with excitement, discovery, and shared awe as we celebrate the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse. Mark your calendars and be part of this unique astronomical experience!